We are people powered. Our committees are a group of volunteers passionate about giving back to Marquette County. Below are descriptions of our standing committees.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the CEO to develop an annual operating budget for submission to the Board; monitors and advises the Board on the financial recordkeeping of the corporation; and advises the Board on all financial matters. The Finance Committee prepares the corporation’s annual financial statement, including a statement of assets and liabilities and a statement of income, expenses and distributions, along with a list of projects for which funds were used and/or organizations to which funds were distributed, and other additional reports or information as may be ordered from time to time by the Board of Trustees.

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee identifies and recommends projects for investment; develops project guidelines, time lines and budgets; assigns a committee member to be responsible for program oversight and report to the committee; and evaluates program investments by requiring and reviewing reports from grant recipients and conferring with other community leaders as to the impact of the grant.

Marketing and Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for planning, developing and implementing an annual plan for seeking donations to the Foundation in order to increase the Foundation’s endowment and provide for operating funds; and advises the Board on development policy.


The Nominating Committee offers the names of persons to be elected to the membership and members to be elected to the Board of Trustees. All nominees are selected with a view to carrying out and accomplishing the purposes of the corporation and the qualifications of Members, Trustees and Officers. Nominations from the floor are also welcome.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee conducts annual evaluations of the CEO, including compensation review for report and recommendation to the Board; evaluate the corporation’s salary scale and fringe benefits annually for report and recommendation to the Board; and periodically review the personnel policies for possible recommendation of change to the Board.

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees may be created by the Board of Trustees to accomplish specific, time limited objectives; the leadership, membership and duties of such committees shall be determined by the Chair of the Board.