Annual Report

Dear Friends,

The people of the Upper Peninsula and locally, Marquette County, have a long tradition of helping and investing in others. They tend to give generously within their means and feel a strong sense of responsibility to leave their neighborhoods, their state, and the world better places for generations to come.

At the Community Foundation of Marquette County, we have the privilege of working with individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that are passionate about making a difference. We know firsthand how much donors in Marquette County care about the impact of their giving, and we look to amplify the power of their gifts.

Drawing on its 32 years of experience as a trusted and vital resource, CFMC has been working with donors and clients to offer a variety of ways to channel their giving for maximum impact, finding the best possible charitable solution for the causes nearest their hearts. The result is an investment in the well-being of the community, for today and for years to come.


Gail Anthony and Anne Giroux