Huron Mountain Club Fund

Huron Mountain is a private club on a contiguous tract of woodland located within the Huron Mountains region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 30 miles northwest of the city of Marquette. The Club lands include unpaved roads to access a network of interior lakes and streams as well as trails to other points of interest. The Club provides its members and its employees the opportunity for various forms of healthful recreation…

The Huron Mountain Club Endowment Fund was established with the Community Foundation in 1999. The income from the Endowment Fund will be given from time to time to qualifying organizations on the recommendation of the Fund Advisory Committee, taking into account needs of the charitable organization. Huron Mountain Club Fund also accepts unrestricted gifts intended for current year distribution for general operating or other special purposes. For more information please call the Community Foundation at 906.226.7666. To support the Huron Mountain Club Fund please click the Donate button below.

Huron Mountain Club Distribution at Powell Township Elementary School, December 2018.