Grant Making Guidelines

In reviewing grant applications, the foundation will follow its mission statement, which is to enhance the charitable, educational, cultural, recreational, environmental, and social welfare needs of the Marquette County. Careful consideration will be given to:

  1. The potential impact of the request and the number of people who will benefit.
  2. An imaginative and experimental approach.
  3. The extent of local volunteer involvement and support for the project.
  4. The commitment and composition of the requesting organization’s directors and trustees.
  5. The degree to which the applicant works with or complements the services of other community organizations in an attempt to eliminate duplication of services.
  6. The organization’s fiscal responsibility and management qualifications.
  7. The possibility of using the grant as seed money for matching funds from other sources.
  8. The ability of the organization to obtain the necessary additional funding to implement the project.
  9. The ability of the organization to provide ongoing funding after the term of the grant has expired.
  10. The fulfillment of widely perceived community needs.
  11. Assist with innovative projects that might not otherwise receive financial support.