Annual Report

Dear Fellow Members of the Community Foundation:

It is my pleasure to once again be able to present to you this year’s Annual Report for the Community Foundation of Marquette County.  This marks the 27th year in which the Community Foundation has served the people of Marquette County.   

The Community Foundation currently manages in excess of $14 million in endowed funds. And with sound investment management, these funds will be preserved and grow for the benefit of all those living in our community for generations to come.

Because of your generosity, the Community Foundation has been able to provide numerous scholarships, awards and grants, supporting many people, programs and organizations throughout Marquette County.  These are programs that provide educational opportunities for our young people and care and support for our elderly and less advantaged.  These are programs that can truly make a difference in the lives of our families, friends and neighbors.

This is the legacy that we have built together and it is the legacy we wish to continue and expand with new programs, innovative ideas and initiatives.  But to do all of this we need your help.  We need your continued support and commitment.

We should all be proud and feel blessed to live and work in the many communities of Marquette County.  And while we can all take pride in what we have developed and achieved together, our work is far from complete. 

We are a community with needs.  We have needs to educate and support our youth and to care for and provide for our elderly, our poor, our veterans and all those who may be hurting and in pain.  That is what good communities do.  That is what we have done in the past and that is what we must continue to do.  Through your support of the Community Foundation, these very necessary programs and causes can grow and thrive, making our community and its people even stronger, healthier and happier.

To provide these services and expand these programs, we must work together.  We must be willing to volunteer.  We must take the time to serve on boards and committees that support the programs we feel strongly about.  And we must be willing to give financially.  All gifts, large and small are sincerely appreciated. 

Again, I wish to sincerely thank all who have supported the Community Foundation of Marquette County through our first 27 years.  We never could have made it this far without you.  And for those who have not as yet become involved with the Community Foundation, I ask that you give it strong consideration.  Consider making a pledge, or better yet consider establishing a fund of your very own to support a cause or program that you feel passionate about; that is near and dear to your heart.   Help us so that we can continue to help others. 



John W. Lenten

Board Chair