So… What’s a YAC?

Youth Advisory Committee. It’s a group of young people (middle school through high school age) who give grants to programs that help young people.  

Our YAC is part of the Community Foundation of Marquette County. It is entirely made up of youth (6th - 12th graders) from our community.  Established in the 1990s, our YAC was a result of the Kellogg Challenge, which was a  challenge to all community foundations in Michigan. The Kellogg Foundation wanted youth involved in philanthropy, not just adults. And, The Kellogg Foundation felt being involved in granting would help youth understand the needs of a community and participate in improving that community. 

Today there are close to 1,900 YAC members state wide in Michigan. We all look at areas of concern in our own communities and address them with grants. YACs raise money to give to needy programs that help children. And they “help young people develop generosity and leadership, and at the same time, build a stronger and more caring community.” 


Take a look back at last year to see some of the projects and initiatives Marquette YAC was involved in 2017/2018.

Current Marquette YAC members:
President: Sierra Bentti

Vice President: Zita Jameson
Treasurer: Liam Darr
Secretary: Kateri Darr

Natalie Tripp
​Alexis Carriere

Michele Bentti, Parent Advisor
Gail Anthony, CEO, Community Foundation of Marquette County